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   New Wee Forest Folk for 2022:   To see all, go to WFF, scroll to Current, New 2022.  New Christmas available soon.                

We offer Wee Forest Folk, Boyds Bears, Bearington Bears, Lilliput Lane, Lighthouses, Pooh & Friends, Mary's Moo Moos, Charming Tails, Calico Kittens, Manual Woodworkers & Weavers,  Judith G., Jim Shore etc.  We collect items for orders once a week.  Items we can provide more frequently are Wee Forest Folk, Lighthouses, Mary Moos, Lilliput Lane, Pooh & Friends, Charming Tails.

Classic Art was a brick & mortar gallery for over 25 years.  We are now only online.  We still have lots of products so please browse our many categories.              

SALE - Buy 3 items get a 4th free.  The 4th item is the lowest priced of the items.  Example:  $30, $20, $15. & $7.50.  The $7.50 item is free.  If you order multiples of 4, your free items will be the lowest priced items.  Shipping does still apply.  No returns.  Credit Card orders only - NO PAYPAL.  You MUST mention the sale in Customer Notes to qualify.  It's like a coupon, no coupon no discount.  This sale does not apply to Wee Forest Folk - we use the approved 5-6 plan for that.  Questions, please contact us.  U. S. contiguous addresses only.  Not eligible for the discount are brokers buying products for shipping overseas.   


BOYDS collectors - we were Uncle Bean's Treasure Nook at Boyds Bear Country in Gettysburg.

WEE FOREST FOLK collectors - see the WFF info page for shipping info. as our grid may be too high for very small mice!  2022 Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Spring, Summer listed.  National Donut Day 6'22.  Free tiny donut box with $150. purchase of Donut items (M-721, M-722a, b, c, d or e, M-722rwb). Must mention in customer notes.  Quantities limited.  Also available for purchase (023).  Free tiny gourd with $150. purchase of new Halloween items.  Must mention in customer notes.  Also available for purchase (024).               

Shipping Charges and other business practices:  See About Us option.  

--There may be items - ie, dishware, large or odd shaped items that may cost more to ship than the $ calculation.  You will be notified what that extra charge will be.  West of the Mississippi gets more expensive to ship.   And likewise if the shipping is way too much for the item(s), you will be credited.   

BOYDS - Helpful hint on navigating the site for Boyds:  Boyds is divided into Accessories, Plush and Resin.  Under each of those categories are various subcategories.  Just click on for ex. Plush which is then broken down many ways - type of critter (dog, cat, bear etc.), family name (Woolsleys, McPunkins etc.).  Resin is broken down to Bearstones, Folkstones, Purrstones etc. and within those Figurines, ornaments, musicals, frames etc.  Accessories is broken down by type of items - wagons, baskets etc. 

WEE FOREST FOLK - Helpful hint on navigating the site for Wee Forest Folk:  WFF are divided into Current and Retired.  Within each are various breakdowns - Accessories, Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc.  If the item shows a '0' you can still order, just order as a back order and we will be glad to order the item if available from WFF.  It may either be a new item not yet in or just out of stock.  Items like M-40 are listed as M-040 for sorting purposes.    





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