Five Finger

Juneau, Alaska.  Five Finger Light Station was located in the northern part of Frederick Sound in Alaska.  The 49' frame tower, with a fourth order lens, rose fron the end of a two story dwelling that had its fog signal facility attached.  Helicopters landed on a nearby platform bringing in supplies and personnel.  In 1931, the station was fitted with a radio beacon.  Two years later the lighthouse and fog signal building suddenly burst into flames.  The keepers fought the blaze but only saved the boathouse and carpenter shop.  The current structure was commissioned in Dec. 1935 on a nearby island.  It was the last Alaskan lighthouse to be automated, in 1983.  10 1/2"H.  Lights via a cord and night light bulb, included.  Each has a medallion with the vital info and edition # of 7,500.  Limited Edition in 2001.    

Five Finger
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